Prefect Training Day – Prefects’ Reflections (March 4)

Asha Limbu of 4R

This was the first prefect training day for this year. I was not able to come for the morning section since I had to attend a competition that day. Fortunately, the Prefect Team subsidized us to take a taxi to the camp site for the afternoon section.

In the afternoon section, we only had one activity, which was the main activity for this prefect training — the high ropes course. Many of us were too scared to go on the ropes course. I was feeling weird; I was scared, but I still wanted to try. My partner and I kept on hesitating until the last moment. Luckily, we were the last group and we had the chance to keep trying before the time was up.

After I did the activity, I felt a sense of accomplishment and was really happy to be able to finish the course. It was scary but very exhilarating! I am looking forward to the next prefect training day very much!

Rachel Wong of 4R

I only took part in the afternoon section since we had a competition in the morning. After we arrived at the training site, we had our lunch and then started the afternoon training section. The coach explained the safety precautions of high ropes course to us. The high ropes course which we had to do required us to work in pairs. The other students had to pull the safety rope for the challengers while they were trying to accomplish the task.

When I was up there to challenge myself, my partner and I needed to hold each other’s shoulders and then switch to hold each other’s hand, as we gradually became more and more far away from each other. However, we were not quick enough in doing the switch, and most of my strength had been used to pull the safety rope for the previous pair of challengers. At last, I fell down from the rope. Though we didn’t succeed, we have challenged ourselves to try. This was indeed a memorable training for me.



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