Reflection for the TREATS Day Camp (Oct 15)

Justin Lui (4I22)

On the 15th of October, 4D and 4I students went to the Tai Tong Holiday Day camp, to join an activity held by TREATS.

It was really an unforgettable experience. We met people with different abilities and backgrounds from Yuk Chi Centre. We played different games with them throughout the day.

At first I thought it would be quite boring as we need to play some “childish” games with students from the Yuk Chi Centre. During our lunch time, one of the students didn’t even know how to hold a bowl filled with rice, and of course, the bowl fell to the ground. My classmates and I laughed but now I realize I was wrong.

For the activity in the afternoon, we had to cover our eyes and walk through the campus. It was childish for us undoubtedly, but that’s the reason why we had to play this game. We need to learn to respect different people with different abilities. Throughout this game, we had to take the responsibility to take care of these students. My partner, Sam, who is hyperactive, seldom listens to the instructions given by the teachers. I felt really tired asking him to go back to the place he should be staying at.

Notecards were given in the game and we had to explain what was happening to them. I was quite confused why they didn’t read the instructions by themselves and I discovered that they don’t really have the ability to read. We had to read the words on the notecard one by one.

It seems I have changed a great deal after the camp. I realized I was really lucky, to live happily as a normal person. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, some might get different illnesses which will cause bad effects on their daily lives. We ought to respect them and also learn from them, as they don’t give up because of their illness.

Hilary Kam (4D14)

We went to visit young people who are mentally challenged.  During the visit we tried to communicate and tried to complete different missions with them. The most memorable thing that happened to me was a girl who played the first game with me, which required us to hold each other’s hands. At first she was not willing to do so and even wanted to run away. I felt sad at first because I thought she disliked me. A while later, I found out she was just too shy and did not know how to express her feelings. I tried to let her feel more comfortable with me and the unfamiliar environment that we first came to, by talking to her about myself and giving her snacks. After a while she she was ready to work with me. Finally she was happy to hold my hand and complete the game with me pleasantly. At last when we had to leave, she came to me and gave me a hug and said that she was happy to know me, which made me feel so satisfied and warm.

Throughout the whole day, I entirely changed my impression of the mentally challenged youngsters. Before knowing them, I thought they were rude and selfish and didn’t know how to share, but I found out that they were all so sincere and simple minded. They felt happy because of small things, such as giving them candies, giving them praise or simply a smile. They would not seek for fame, money or social status, they just want simple happiness, such as having delicious food, going to Disneyland with their families, etc. And the thing I really appreciated was they were always smiling and spreading joy, which we could learn from them.

I was very happy to have such an opportunity to get to know them and have a chance to correct my prejudice towards them. I hope that I have a chance to meet them again!



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