Cleaning Elderly People’s Homes (January 16)

Dorothy Imamural 5P06

On Saturday, I woke up early and felt reluctant to go to school for doing community service. After arriving the community center of Mong Kok and get the cleaning materials, we went to the elderly’s home for cleaning. I was shocked that the elderly was so old and living alone. I washed the fan and found that there were many oily dirt stuck on the back of the fan. Other team mates practice division of labour and the home became cleaner than before. The elderly thanked us and said we were so kind. I found this activity so meaningful and found that there are still many people needs our helping hands.

Natasha Leung 5A08

This is a very meaningful activity. We can help the elderly to clean their home for Chinese New Year. I can tell that they are very excited and happy to see us visiting and helping them. Also, I can learn to clean the house, to do housework. I am really proud of myself for doing it. This is a precious experience and I think it is very unforgettable. Also, to see the elderly so happy when we visit and help them, it also made my day! I think it is worth a try!

Katie Shum 5T18

Today, I went to Tai Kok Tsui for cleaning elderly house. Although I will do housework at home, I never clean the window or the toilet. I only clean the floor and wash the dishes sometimes. It is a great experience for me to learn how to clean the house, how to use the cleanser for toilet. Also, I hand more experience to talk with the elderly. Sometimes they are funny and cute, but at the same time, they teach me how to be patient. It is a really meaningful experience to take care and spread the love in society. Besides, I learn how to cooperate with my classmate. As when we first enter the house, we have so many things to do. And we learn how the division of labour.

Sarea-Islam 5R22

This was my first time having community service activity on cleaning the homes of the elderly. When I went to the center for the briefing and instructions on the activity, I did not expect many equipment (and food) to be given to us. It was very nice and thoughtful of the organization. I found the overall experience of cleaning the homes of the elderly okay. I expected a lot of cleaning but actually the home of the old lady my group was assigned was quite clean. I did not know there were different cleaning products for cleaning, so I learnt something new.

It was also interesting and funny seeing my group mates in aprons and wearing gloves, hairnets and such. They looked like lunch ladies working in the canteen.

Erika Omune 5F16

This activity was really different and interesting to me. To me, this activity stood out the most. My group mates were Subika, Kensey and Alvin. We went to an elderly’s home to clean for them as a preparation for Lunar New Year. The elderly was smiley, but she told us to do so many things so we were exhausted. She is kind to us too. Also, it was my first time to clean a kitchen fan! I felt so good afterwards because I made an elderly happy by cleaning their home and this activity is the most interesting, meaningful even though it is the most outstanding one. I prefer these kinds of group activities as they stimulate team work, independence and communication skills. Looking forward to more activities like this!