Reflections of Elderly Visit (Sep 25)

LIMBU Asha 3C24

This is my second time going to visit the elderly’s home for community service from school with my classmate and my senior helpers! Last time, it was normal and we were on time to visit two elderly people. However, this time, it was different! It was different because we could not find the building we had to go to. We took around 40 minutes to find the place. By that time most of the people who went there together with us had already finished and they were on their way to the checkpoint where we will see the teachers and there we need to mark our attendance! So, when we got to the elderly’s home, we talked for a bit since both of us were in a hurry. The person we visited had a very sad life but she was a strong woman and she was in a hurry because she needed to go to the hospital to see her husband who had cancer! Therefore we left and hurried to the checkpoint and went to school! It was a great experience because it was different from last time plus I liked my senior helpers and the school mates I went with. They were all kind!

Sammi Kwan 3T13



Victoria Tong 5T21

Most importantly, I learnt about caring through this activity, I get to know about how the elderly feel, and it is very important that we have to care for the society. After I arrived at the elderly home, we started sharing our own experience, I talked about my school life, and the elderly had also started talking about her daily life. As the same time, I learnt that we have to be more thoughtful for them since they had contribute so much to the society and now it is our time to take care of them. Therefore, I think ‘Elderly Visit on Mid-Autumn Festival’ is a very meaningful activity.

Fion Leung 5P10

I learnt that we should respect to everyone include the elderly. We should listen more to the elderly. Since they are living alone, they seldom talk to others and express their feeling to someone they know. I am living with my grandma, therefore I know what the elderly will always think. I had a good time with them.

Also, I had gained experience from being a leader. Being a leader is not only requiring power and ability, but also requiring a heart of consideration. Last Friday, the weather is hot and my group mates are not feeling well. So I ask for their condition and make sure they are fine.

John Paul Alconaba 5F01

This was another great experience to see the elderly how they are now and to see their living environment. The grandmother we visited is very nice. She seemed to be healthy and she is quite happy with what she has and she is happy with her life. She actually taught me to enjoy life and that we should try to appreciate with what we have around us. We should not be too materialistic! Moreover, stress and pressure are always around us, we should find different kinds of ways to release them. For example, the grandma watches Korean dramas which really shocked us all. No matter what obstacles we face in life, we should face it and solve it with confidence and bravery.