Reflections of ECCO Retail Working Experience

By 5P19 WONG Tsz Ki Cindy

Working in Ecco was a really precious opportunity for me. It is an experience that I treasure very much. I learnt how to communicate with customers, how to be a good salesperson and most important how to be patient.

Being a salesperson is an arduous task. We have to stand all day and repeat the same task. The salespeople who work for Ecco treated me so well and we became friends. The salespeople in Ecco are all friends, they work as a team. There is always a warm atmosphere at work. They told me how happy they were working in Ecco and they taught me a lot of basic skills such as which position should the salesperson stand and how we should welcome customers to Ecco within 10 seconds.

We can never learn this kind of knowledge and experience from our textbooks. This work experience was really fun and I hope to join again if there’s another chance. Also, thanks to Ecco for providing such a memorable opportunity for me.

By 5F16 OMUNE Erika Abordo

I’ve learnt many things in the 2 days I worked in Ecco. Firstly, sales is not the only important factor when it comes to selling. You have to be kind and approachable to your customers, colleagues and anybody else you deal with.

In the shop I worked in, the staff were really kind and friendly. This shows that they have higher staff morale. My supervisor also greeted me and smiled at me whenever he saw me, which has taught me the importance of courtesy and respect. He told me that when you smile at someone or greet them, eye contact and confidence are important. This is because when you smile, you give out positive vibes which is encouraged when working in Ecco.

In terms of skills, my supervisor taught me how to pack shoes nicely so that customers could take it home properly. I also learnt how to promote the company and their goods.  In Ecco, when a customer likes a pair of shoes, the staff would try to bring 3 pairs of shoes in total. You give the customers their first choice, then the second and third pairs of shoes are shoes that are similar to what the customers want.  As a result, the customer would be encouraged to buy more than one pair of shoes.