CSS Afternoon: “More Knitting, More Love" (Mar 27)

1C(1) CHAIL Kamalpreet Kaur

It was very difficult to make one and it takes a lot of time, I can understand and some people know how to make knot but some of them don’t know how to make also. I was kind of feeling bad that I cannot make. Even I saw someone making but I could not understand. But later classmates came and help me. At first, I fail. But the second time I could make it. I felt relieved and happy. I also tried to make it. I felt relieved and happy. I also tried to make the second. Now I know how to make the Chinese knot, I will try to make more at home and I will try to teach my family and friends.

1E(22) SHEN Yin Wen

At first, I thought it was easy, but once I realized, the string is not that soft, it is a bit too thick to bend; the string is not flexible, although I cannot make the knot of the string, and I learned that you need patience and ability to do it. Most of my classmates cannot do it, but they still work hard on it, some found it annoying. I wish I can do it, even it seems like easy, but when you really do it, you’re frustrated about the string. Don’t give up!!

2C(19) KAUR Pavneet

This week FA we had to make Chinese knots, first, I thought it would be easy since the name sound it. I thought I would easily make at least five Chinese knots in the FA but in reality o could only make two; luckily, there were helpers to help us.

Firstly, the helpers showed us the video to guide us how to make the Chinese knots. Seeing it only once didn’t help much, but it gave me a brief idea. Later by the help of the tutorial sheet, I managed to do a few steps but I still got confused at some parts so I asked my classmates and helper to help me.

The second knots were easier to do because I understand all the steps. After all, I learned how to interact well with everyone. Surely, a lot of hard work and concentration was needed to do the Chinese knot. I had a nice experience in CSS FA.

3C(30) TSANG Chi Ka

After I have finished today activity calls More Knitting More love. In this activity, I learned how to make the wishful knots. Even it is very difficult at the beginning. If you try more, you can turn it into fast and easy. I think this is interesting and meaningful. It is because I have much fun in this activity and after we finish making of knots. It will give to the elderly.

We also have competition in the form. It is very exciting and enjoyable. It can make us learn how to make the wishful knots. It is fun and hopes it can have similar activity in the coming future.

3E(4) CHENG Leo

In this afternoon, I make a wishful knot. This was the first time for me to do this. I think it was really a hard time while I was making it. I spent for over an hour to finish it. I tried for many times, but in the meantime I failed many times. It was just so difficult for me to make that since I am not really good at Home Economic. Therefore, I had tried to ask my classmates for help, but I saw many of them also don’t know how to make it. At the end, I was glad that I finally make it and it was really beautiful. I hope that my wishing the knot can bring good luck to those elderly and my effort will not be wasted.

4F(18) MALUSOG Jaevianne

Through this activity, I finally learnt how to make a bracelet. I have always wanted to know how to make this bracelet and finally know how to. At first, I thought it was complicated and confusing to do. I am staying at the video for more than 5times and I still did not know how to get done. For my 7th time, I finally knew how to do it. After doing the whole things, I wanted to know if we can bring some strings at home because I wanted to make one for myself. But then I think I will just but strings from the shop.

4F(23) RAI Sharon

Spending time to help others is not waste the time, there are many ways to help needy families, not just donating money, I do not have much patience, but I find meaningful to make the bracelets. ‘practice makes perfect’ really applied to this activity, the more knots I tries, the better it got, however, it took a lot of effort to get the first knot right. Overall, I thought this is the most interesting and meaningful activity held by this school.

4P(2) Jasmine CHIK

Actually I think the event is so good. And meaningful for our secondary school student. It is because they are all doing it for charity. And we have a fantastic experience for us. Knitting not only can practice our skill, it can also help us to be aware that knitting for charity is a very meaningful thing in nowadays society. Actually nowadays society so few people will do some stuff like that. Such as doing things for charity.

5D(1) CASINO Abigail Hilario

This activity was very frustrating at first since it was confusing and difficult to make the Chinese knot but with the help of teachers and the video along with my classmates. I got the hang of making the knot.

It is very considerate of the school to hold this event especially since the knots we make will end up with charity. This event held for the students is a meaningful event that can help many others. Although it may be a small event, it is a small act that may help people.

5D(3) CONSEJA Gabrielle

This activity was very enjoyable and warm as we were put into groups to make the bracelets. We struggled and helped each other along the way. It was hilarious as all of us complained started to get frustrated and continuously asked how to make it. I learnt on teamwork and being a team player. I also learnt it is good to rely on others in need of help.

Plus, the idea of now these bracelets could help people really motivated me. I wish to do something like this again in order to help the community.