A Guided Educational Tour to Yau Ma Tei

We found that traffic congestion is common in this district throughout the day. Other urban problems are solid waste pollution, land use conflict and urban decay.

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When we walked past the fruit market, we saw lots of food waste (unwanted fruits) and fruit racks along the road. This resulted in limited open space for walking and endangered the passers-by. I think the government should set up regulations to improve the situation.

The building density there is high and the refuse collection point is built close to the residential land use. I am afraid that the bad smell would disturb the residents nearby.

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I used to think Yau Ma Tei is not a good place for living.  After this visit, I find that although residents may suffer from some urban problems, they enjoy convenient transport and shopping. The old people like to gather and chat in the Yau Ma Tei Community Centre Rest Garden. The Tin Hau Temple and the Jade market nearby show traditional Chinese culture. I am happy to learn more about the urban problems and urban development of Hong Kong through this visit.


A Guided Educational Tour to King Yin Lei

FUNG Lok Ching (S1J)

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During the visit, I saw a big difference between the old and new buildings of Wan Chai. Most of the new buildings are tall, fashionable and of western style. On the contrary, most of the old buildings are low, worn-out and of Chinese style.

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King Yin Lei is a typical example of a traditional Chinese building.  It was built in 1937. With the fast development of urban cities, the land of King Yin Lei is likely to be changed into commercial or high price residential land use. However, the government chooses to repair King Yin Lei as part of its heritage conservation initiatives.  I appreciate this as tourists and local people can learn more about Chinese culture in King Yin Lei.  However, the government has to offer the home owners another piece of land nearby to compensate them.

LO Chi Ho Lucas (S1C)

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King Yin Lei is a special building in Hong Kong. It is a Chinese renaissance style complex. The area is very large. There is a big entrance gate. The garden provides a green environment and enough space for activities. The main residential mansion is beautiful and comfortable.  However, as this building is designed for one family only, I think it is not economical.

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I think that as the building is old and not fully utilized, we may use the land for high density residential buildings with modern facilities. Besides, to fulfill the housing need of the increasing population, the government should consider expanding a more convenient transport network in higher altitudes, so more people can live there instead of crowding in the low relief areas.

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Leadership Training Camp

LEE Chun Sing Jensen (S4R)

After going on the leadership camp, I have learnt many lessons.

Firstly, I have learnt aboutdelegating tasks. During the camp, each leader had to decide what task to delegate to each member of their team. There were three separate tasks to complete. It was quite challenging since I didn’t know much about my teammates. However, this was only a small obstacle because fortunately my teammates were so cooperative. They told me what they could do and things went smoothly afterwards. After making a few observations, I found out who was the most suitable person for each suitable job. I was therefore able to delegate tasks effectively. Things went smoothly and I learnt that delegating tasks to the right person is very important.

Secondly, trust amongst team members is very important. On the second day of camp, every student was required to climb up and hit a balloon which was suspended high above the ground. Each group of student was required to hold a rope which was attached to the climber, so their liveswere actually in the hands of their team members. We really had to concentrate and focus on helping the climber, otherwise it would have been dangerous for the climber, who also had to learn to trust the team member below them. This lesson can be applied in our daily lives as well. When someone is facing a difficulty, we can help and support them while trusting that they have the ability to finish the task at hand.

Lastly, planning and predicting all possible outcomes in the plan is very important. Planning and adequate discussion will making things smooth. There maybe some unexpected outcomes or incidents while things are in progress, so we have to ask ourselves “what if” in order to reduce any risks. When you plan, set your targets and use suitable methods to accomplish your goals, you have a higher chance of success.

These are the three biggest lessons I have learned by attending the leadership camp.

JEANDANI Gaurav Vijai (S5L)

I’ve learnt a lot and had a lot of fun during this camp! The camp was filled with challenging activities, which tested both our physical and mental abilities. We developed a great bond among our group members within a very short period of time. Apart from that, we worked very well as a team to tackle the challenges. Unexpectedly, I actually enjoyed the rope course activity on the second day; it was probably one of my favorite activities in the camp.

The things I liked the most about this camp were firstly, we got to sleep in tents!!! I’ve always wanted to do that and I finally got the chance to do it. The only hitch was that it was really cold! The other thing that I enjoyed was that the camp instructors gave us a limited amount of various types of food and we had to decide what to make for all our meals.

Even though I was pretty exhausted after the two long challenging days in the camp, I really enjoyed the camp a lot. I learned a lot of different types of skills and gained even more experience working together as a team. Apart from that, I believe that this camp has bolstered my confidence to a new level.  This was truly a prodigious experience.

TSE Chun Chak Billy (S5M)

After the training camp, I learnt that when you work as a team, doing the task assigned to you is not enough.To be a successful team, everyone must work together to achieve the same objective.Moreover, the one who guides the teammates and ensures that everyone is doing their job properly is a good team leader. Also, trusting your teammate is very important, especially when you are the leader. If there is no trust between teammates, your team will never finish the job.